The Honda Activa is a motor scooter made by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India. It was launched in India in 2000. Production in Mexico began in 2004. It is a 102 cc, 7 bhp (5.2 kW) scooter. The vehicle has the option of kick- and self-start, includes the puncture-resistant "tuff-up" tyre and tube combination.

Honda launched a new version of the Activa in the Indian market launched on 2009-05-08 and is available to purchase. with a new 109 cc engine. Power output was bumped up to 8 bhp (6.0 kW) and new features like combi-brake and key shutter were introduced. Fuel economy was claimed to be improved by 15%.

In June 2013, Honda introduced Activa-i, a sleek and stylish variant of Activa. The new model shared most of the features with Activa, the primary difference being only in the body style.

In April 2014, Honda launched an upgraded model of Activa with a 125cc engine and rebranded the model as Activa 125. Currently, both Activa-i and Activa 125 are sold in India.

In April, 2014, The Economic Times reported the Honda Activa became the best selling two wheeler in India (if not the world) out running the Hero Splendor. During the month of September 2013, 141,996 Honda Activa scooters were sold; nearly equal to Honda's entire annual sales in North America.

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